History tells us that First Baptist Church North Zulch, Texas, was organized on September 13, 1907, at the H&TC Railroad Depot by its' 6 charter members. Although they held their first service at the rail depot on Sunday, September 15, 1907, it would take almost 22 years for the church to grow to the point of constructing its' own church building. That building was completed in 1929, on the same piece of land that the church sits today. Over the years FBCNZ has had periods of growth and decline, but the mission of the church has always remained the same. FBCNZ exist to draw the community of North Zulch closer to Christ Jesus and each other.


Vision Statement:

First Baptist Church North Zulch desires to serve our community and bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ,

seeking to develop them in Christ like maturity, and releasing mature disciples back into our world in order to fulfill the Great Commission in our community, county,  country, and the uttermost ends of the Earth.


Mission Statement:

Serving, Saving, Growing, and Releasing People for Christ!


In order to accomplish both our Vison and Mission, FBCNZ collective seeks to…


  • Aspire to become a sacrificial body of believers committed to being the hands, feet, and mouthpiece of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the midst of a valley full of “Dry Bones.”
  • Aspire to become a church that is first and foremost saturated and actively engaged in a lifestyle of prayer.   
  • Aspire to become a church that is known locally and beyond for sound Biblical teachings, sound Biblical apologetics, where the Gospel is clearly communicated in a relevant manner. 
  • Aspire to be consistently active in sharing our faith with those around us in and through our daily lives.
  • Aspire to live in a community with one another and to be actively involved in the unique context of the community of North Zulch.  
  • Aspire to be a church that seeks to grow in an organic nature, both in terms of numerical growth and spiritual health.   
  • Aspire to be the church that will not allow local facilities to become a distraction or hindrance nor a burden upon the ministry of the church.


Morris Richards

Morris has been leading worship for over 30 years! Morris has a great passion for his service to the Lord and enjoys leading our church every Sunday through the music ministry! 

Morris is married to Brenda and they have 3 children, 8 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren. He loves watching westerns and working with his grandkids' FFA animals! 

Tammy Patterson 

Tammy is a fun loving, energetic, and imaginative person that kids of all ages love to be around! She has a great passion for children that is only surpassed by her love of the Lord! Tammy overseas on Kids Connection Ministry which includes: Sunday School, Wednesday evening connection times, VBS and much more.

Tammy is married with 4 children, and enjoys her family, farming, and helping out at the House of Hope!

Clarissa Parmer

Clarissa is a passionate educator committed to promoting Christ, and nurturing a lifelong desire to learn more about our Creator.

Clarissa overseas our 4:12 Student Minstry which inculdes  Sunday School, small gorups, Wedensday evening connection times, Summer Camp, and all things that invole our Stundet Ministry.


Two of her favorite Christian leaders are Ravi Zacharias & Alistair Begg.

She enjoys sports, the outdoors, and finds beauty in the diversity of plant and animal life. Having a love for travel, Chip & Clarissa hope to continue exploring the world with their three children for many years to come.


Martin “Chip” Parmer, has served as Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church North Zulch since August 2017. He wasn’t always a pastor, though...

The son of a preacher, Chip ran from the Lord’s calling on his life for many years. He battled a drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction during the young adult years of his life. His addiction and reckless lifestyle almost cost him his marriage and his life. Yet God never quit pursuing Chip. Through the unmerited, relentless love of Christ, and his wife Clarissa, Chip remembered the gospel message of forgiveness and redemption that comes in Jesus which was shared with him as a youth and recommitted his life to Christ during the Spring of 2005. Ever since this time, Chip has been seeking to serve Christ with his entire life!

Upon recommitting his life to Christ, Chip began studying the Bible passionately and surrendered to the call of full-time ministry in the Fall of 2005. In 2006 Chip enrolled at Liberty University, and began the pursuit of his Bachelor's of Science in Theological Studies.

Pastor Chip now holds a Master of Divinity Degree and Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Liberty University. He has served as a full-time minister in varying capacities now for 11 years. He began in Youth Ministry, but also has served over 9 years as a Senior/Lead Pastor in both Texas and Wisconsin. He also has served as High School Football, Track, and Strength and Conditioning coach. Pastor Chip as has been actively involved in leadership roles with varying Southern Baptist associations and volunteering in countless community organizations.

Today, Chip’s gospel conviction and evangelistic zeal drive him to passionately “make disciples who make disciples,” by building relationships and expounding upon the Word of God.

Pastor Chip is married to the love of his life, Clarissa Ann. Together they have three children: Anaissa, Andrew and Ariel.



Sunday Morning Small Groups: 9:45AM

Sunday Morning Service: 11:00 AM

Sunday Night Bible Study: 6:00 PM


Wednesday 4:12 SM: 5:30 PM

Wednesday Prayer Gathering: 6:00PM

Wednesday Kids Connection: 6:00 PM


First Baptist Church North Zulch

254 Madsion Aveune 

North Zulch, Texas 77872


Phone: (936) 399-2331

Email: FBCNZinfo@gmail.com